I am in the planning stage of an idea, for the concept to push for a concrete visualization, leading to the future development of this page….more to come.
The state of my page is a bit thin in substance, but I am slowly(emphasis added) becoming comfortable with putting in place what it takes to move past the cognitive distortions I hold at this time.  So goes the name of my page…and as I move forward with change, I will also move to add more of my everyday life to this page.  With great respect and care to all those, may it be my family members, friends, or just someone who has left an impression…this will be done with that in mind.

~ by mycogdistort on November 16, 2007.

One Response to “Construction…”

  1. I was asked a question by a questioner as to the chance of a person having a normal life and normal relationships. My answer was that will be possible, without any doubt, and it will happen the very moment after you can recognize and acknowledge the relationship we have with our own selves as being "normal".Puzzlement Enduced Paralysis.

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